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About Hold Your Own

Something had to give. We just never expected everything to go at once. The greed and arrogance of an invading force is now ruling us.

A once peaceful and resource filled set of Islands turned into darkness. They have poisoned the air and call themselves the “Reborn Militia”. They show little to no mercy and our towns are collapsing one after the other like blood-soaked dominoes. Their motive for all this terror you wonder? To gorge us of all our natural resources and make a profit. With many either dead or held captive, we find a group of rogue fighters called the “Hunters”. They serve all masters but belong to none. They are simply guns hired by the Reborn Militia to help settle their disputes.

Then there is us, a small group that has risen to the occasion. We are the outcasts, the resistance, the ones that will take back what is ours. We will keep fighting, not for God, not for justice, not even for a better world. We fight to survive.

And we will not stop. Not until the last barrel of oil is burnt, the last bullet spent. As long as they remain here and try to take our land we will spill blood over it. A war is coming and we have front-row seats.

Hold Your Own is currently in "Early Access" on Steam with new updates and more soon!
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